The Six Abilities of Wise Leaders

29 Jul

Wise leaders make decisions only after they figure out what is good for the organization and society.

They can quickly grasp the essence of any situation or problem and intuitively fathom the nature and meaning of people, things, and events.

They constantly create informal as well as formal shared contexts for senior executives and employees to construct new meaning through their interactions.

They know how to use metaphors and stories to convert the essence of their actual experiences into tacit knowledge for individuals and groups.

They exercise political power to bring together people with conflicting goals and spur them to action.

They encourage the development of practical wisdom in others, especially employees on the front lines, through apprenticeship and mentoring.

Ikujiro Nonaka ( is a professor emeritus at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo.

Hirotaka Takeuchi ( is a professor at Harvard Business School. They are the authors of The Knowledge-Creating Company (Oxford, 1995).

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