The Market Value of Why

04 Jan

Even if you are not one of those rare folks blessed with a gift for finding joy in the concentration camps of life, you intuitively know that you and your work team would be more productive, more satisfied, and more creative if work engaged not only your head and your hands but your heart and soul as well.

What most of us know intuitively research confirms: when employees find meaning at work, they care enough about it to develop their competence; they work harder and are more productive; they stay longer and are more positive about their work experience. But there is more: when employees are more positive, customers generally respond in kind. Employee attitude is a key lead indicator of customer attitude, and satisfied customers help the businesses they patronize to survive and thrive. In brief:

1. Employees who find meaning at work are more competent, committed, and contributing.

2. In turn, employee competence, commitment, and sense of contribution lead to increased customer commitment.

3. In turn, customer commitment leads to better financial results for the company.

Dave Ulrich and Wendy Ulrich, “The Why of Work”

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Posted by on January 4, 2012 in Human Capital


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