The Challenge : Ability to Execute

02 Feb
  • “Leadership without the discipline of execution is incomplete and ineffective. Without the ability to execute all other attributes of leadership become hollow”. – Larry Bossidy Chairman, Honeywell International
  • #1 REASON WHY LEADERS FAIL? – 70% of strategic failures are due to poor execution of leadership.


  • FACTS :
  • Do people know what to do? 44% of employees say they don’t know their company’s highest priorities
  • Do they want to do it? Only 19% feel a strong sense of commitment to the company’s goals
  • Do they know how to do it?  9% believe their work has a strong link to their organizations top priorities
  • Do they have the discipline? People spend less than half their time (49%) on activities linked to the organization’s key priorities
  • Do they work together? Only 31% feel they can express themselves honestly and candidly at work

Source : Franklin Covey, Delivering Results as a Principle-Centered Leader, Execution: The Leadership Challenge of the 21st Century

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